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Durant takes flight over Haywood

That young guy is a monster,

Should the Heat hit the panic button?!


The Chicago Bulls haven’t had a 3-game losing streak this season and are 4-0 against the Heat. Hmmm… is that a fat lady singing I hear?! Well I doubt it seriously but I’m sure the Miami Heat fans are feeling really uncomfortable right now and if they aren’t, they should be. Now I’m not saying this series is over after one game, but believe me if the Bulls would have lost this game to the Heat everyone would have been closing the curtains on them. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this series, but it sure is looking like D. Rose is about to go down in history in the Chicago Bulls championship appearance books. The Heat fans better hope their team can channel their inner NBA Jams cus if not, the Heat will get burned.

Passing of the Crown…Will the Clippers take over L.A?!

With the Lakers being swept by the Mavericks in the playoffs, Phil Jackson set to leave, Kobe Bryant going into his 15th season and the team basically looking like a bunch of guys that have no interest in playing with each other, can we possibly be watching the shift of tides in Los Angeles?!

This has been the first season in forever that we’ve seen excitement in the Staples Center for basketball that didn’t involve the Lakers and the L.A Clippers made sure they provided that.

The, what may turn out to be, demise of the Lakers probably couldn’t have come at a better time for the young talented Clipps as they’re in the perfect position to finally get their chance in the spotlight. Although the Clippers didn’t fair well this past season with a 32-50 record, the Vinny Del Negro led team has shown a lot of promise that should have all their fans excited as to what might happen in the near future.  With players like Rookie of the year Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, Mo Williams, Randy Foye and others, this team should be one solid veteran away from knocking off the big bad purple and gold bullies of Hollywood and taking their turn at being the Staples Center’s main attraction. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but one has to wonder if there’s going to be a new sheriff in L.A. next season. The Clippers fans should be just as excited the fans for the Lakers. Question is, are the Lakers ready to pass the crown?

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