Archive for: April 12th, 2013

The Daily Show Calls Out The NCAA

Aasif Mandvi of the The Daily Show did a piece about the NCAA and their rules. The piece is basically pointing out how the NCAA makes money but the athletes don’t. This is awesome, Let’s hope the NCAA will see this and change some of their ways.

Nate Robinson ‘Discount Double-Check’

Chicago Bulls backup guard Nate Robinson went off on Thursday night against the New York Knicks. After Robinson hit one of his three pointers he started doing the “Discount double check” to celebrate his 35 point game and of course to mock the Knicks.

Lingerie Football League Player Runs Over Another Player For A Touchdown

Lingerie Football League Players Runs Over Another Player For A Touchdown

I haven’t watched a lingerie football game before but this play may have me tuning in. Angie Williams of the Jacksonville Breeze hit the truck stick and ran over Alfye Gore to score the touchdown. I bet the defender wishes she would have just stepped out of the way.

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