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Top New Orleans Hornets Moments Before The Final Home Game On Sunday

New Orleans Hornets last home game before becoming the Pelicans

On Sunday, fans of New Orleans basketball will be watching their team for the last time as they know them. As we all know, The New Orleans Hornets will officially become the New Orleans Pelicans next season as the new owner, Tom Benson, has changed the name. Not only will the team logo be different, but there will also be the new colors of red, navy blue and gold.

When the team first announced the name change, a lot of the fans hated it. While some have the same feeling towards it many, including myself, are now embracing it and are ready for the change. Although I will miss my Hornets, Hugo and the unique colors of the uniforms, I am ready for that breath of fresh air that I’m sure Mr. Benson feels the Pelicans will provide.

The Hornets’ final home game of the season is Sunday against the Dallas Mavericks. I wish I could be there but, since I can’t, I’m asking everyone in New Orleans and surrounding areas to go give Hugo the dopest farewell and hold up a sign saying “Yes I Ball is here in spirit”. Let’s show the owner that the city and the fans really appreciate him buying the organization and keeping them where they belong. New name or not, New Orleans has it’s team and it didn’t end up in Seattle like many predicted.

Since this is their last game as the Hornets, I want to share some of my favorite Hornets moments. If you have any, feel free to share.

#6 Eric Gordon hitting the game winning shot vs the Suns

#5 David West hitting the game winning shot vs the Thunder

#4 Chris Paul step-back Buzzer Beater over the Indiana Pacers

#3 Hornets defeating the Lakers Game 1 of the Playoffs

#2 The Hornets defeating the Clippers for Chris Paul’s return game to New Orleans

#1 Hornets winnin the NBA Lottery

Farewell Hugo!!!

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