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NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms “Players Won’t Wear A Uniform, They’ll Wear A System”

Nike has released a picture of the AFC/AFC Pro Bowl Uniforms and, to be honest, they sort of look the same as they did in previous years. Nike posted the picture on twitter saying “Players Won’t Wear A Uniform, They’ll Wear A System”….. Yea OK, whatever. Check out the picture below.


Saints Looking At Adding Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel To Coaching Staff?


Sean Payton hasn’t been back with the Saints for a full week yet, and he’s already making major changes to the team. Yesterday the team fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and today Adam Shefter of ESPN is reporting that the Saints are considering adding Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel to the coaching staff.

    Two defensive coaching candidates the Saints will consider adding to staff include Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel, per league sources. It’s even possible the two could go together to New Orleans with one serving as defensive coordinator, sources said. When reached Friday about this possibility, Mangini said he has not been contacted by anybody from the Saints about any position. Mangini and Crennel worked on the same Patriots coaching staff that won three Super Bowls in New England.

A look At The New Orleans Pelicans Logo Next To The Rest Of The NBA Logos….Pelicans Win

I would like to start this off by saying thanks to Tom Benson. When everybody wrote the Hornets off as a team that would be sold to another state or contracted from the NBA, he stepped in and dropped over 300 million to shut all of the naysayers up. I would also like to ask him what it’s like to just spend $300 million on just a regular weekday.

The team has announced the name change from the Hornets to the Pelicans and, at first, it was a horrible thought to many. Although the name still has some suck appeal to it, it’s not the worst.

I came across a picture on with all of the teams in the NBA logos and names on it and, to be honest, the Pelicans are pretty much eating the competition like pigeons.

Check out the logos below and let us know what you think

all nba team logos

( coming soon)

Arian Foster Disagrees With Roger Goodell On Pro Bowl Improvements

NFL players have been disagreeing with Commissioner Roger Goodell all season for different reasons. Today we can add Houston Texans running back Arian Foster to that list.

Goodell has been making threats the past few seasons of taking the Pro Bowl away if the players didn’t play harder and made the game more interesting. Well, here is what Foster had to say about that:

“I see both sides of the coin, I really do,” Foster said on NFL Network. “But in all honesty, with all due respect, Mr. Goodell? He’s not out here taking these hits.”

“The fans want a competitive game, but here you have players that have had 16-plus games, an entire season. Our bodies have worn down. This isn’t basketball. You can’t go play pickup football,” Foster said. “It’s a tough situation for both sides. I think it’s a good revenue attraction for the state of Hawaii. It brings a lot of revenue, brings a lot of tourism here, so you don’t want to see it go. And it’s a tradition for the NFL. So hopefully we get it figured out.”

I agree 100% with the Foster on this topic (It’s not like you care about my thoughts). Players go out and bust their ass for 16 weeks and this game should be a chance for them to go out and have fun. It’s amazing how Goodell loves to preach about player safety but wants the players to risk being hurt for an all star game.

( coming soon)

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