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It’s Official- The New Orleans Hornets Are Now The New Orleans Pelicans

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Well, it’s official folks. The New Orleans Hornets will become the New Orleans Pelicans next season. When owner Tom Benson took over the team he made it clear that the Hornets moniker wouldn’t be around for long. Many of the Hornets fans hated the thought of being called the Pelicans but as of today they just have to suck it up.

Here’s some of what Benson had to say about the name change:

“This isn’t something that was just done overnight,” Benson said. “This is a long process. We are not just changing the name to change the name. The Hornets name came from Charlotte. That fits in with Charlotte. It doesn’t fit into New Orleans, La., or our area here. The Hornets don’t mean anything here. We needed something that symbolizes New Orleans and Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. And nothing does that better than this name.”

Bye Hugo, We love you bee

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