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Tulane Green Wave New Football Helmets

Not only will the Tulane Green Wave be shifting to a new conference and playing in a new stadium, the team will also have a new look. In December of 2012 we had a chance to see some new uniform and helmet combos that the team will wear in upcoming seasons but now there’s been a leak of a black helmet to hit the internet this week for the Wave to add to the collection.


Many of the old Green Wave faithful may have an issue with the team trying new looks but, me personally, I think head coach CJ Johnson knows exactly what he’s doing. There’s an old saying “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good” and the way Tulane has been playing over the years it’s obvious they haven’t been looking or feeling too well.


The Tulane administrators made vows to change the culture of the football program and it’s really starting to seem as if they’re keeping they’re word. Not only are they making things better off the field but the school has had what is looking like it may be one of their best recruiting periods in years.

Take a look at Tulane’s new look below: 
Originally posted by Tulane wide out  Xavier Rush

Originally posted by Tulane wide out Xavier Rush

From the instagram page of Zmorgan65

From the instagram page of Zmorgan65


I don’t know for sure if these are official but I hope they are.

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