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5 Professional Team Names That Are Worse Than The New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Hornets organization has been getting blasted lately for the rumors about them changing the name of the team to the Pelicans. As a fan of the team, I can honestly say that I hate the mascot change but that doesn’t mean I’m cool with the name or the team being dissed by the national media or silly fans who basically just follow the national media trends.

Bad team names are a part of sports and, to prove that, I’m going to point out a popular team from the top five professional sports that have names/mascots that are hands down worse than the Pelicans.

The Alabama Crimson Tide: I did all the research in the world to see this as a good mascot, but nothing worked. The team is called the Crimson Tide and they have an elephant as the mascot….Geaux Tigers (LSU)

The Oklahoma City Thunder: This is solid proof that winning cures all. OKC started their team a few years ago and had the brilliant idea of naming it after a sound…. Yes, these people had the balls to name the team after noise. When the Thunder first released the name of the team, they were the laughing stock of the sports world. After a few years of kicking everyone in the mouth for laughing, no one mentions how horrid the name is. This is the mindset New Orleans should have; let them laugh now, but once you kick their asses for doing so they’ll eventually shut up. Regardless, OKC has the “Worst Name in the NBA” trophy locked down forever.

The Houston Texans: There are some horrible team names in the NFL, but none of them spell out lazy and lack of thought or effort like the Houston Texans. Imagine going to the table and the name your marketing person comes up with is the name of the state’s residents. Do you know how stupid Texans fans would look at a new football team called the Mississippi Mississippians? Yea, as bad as the Pelicans’ name is, overall it is 10 times better than the Houston Texans.

Boston Red Sox: I actually like this name and it is no where near as bad as the Yankees, but something about it just pops as a bad team name. I wish I had more to say about it but, to be honest, it’s just a name that I personally would choose the Pelicans over. I mean, the New Orleans Red Stockings? Yea, just give me the Pelicans.

Tampa Bay Lighting: I still laugh at the fact that there’s a professional hockey team in Tampa, but the team ice skating on sand is not as funny as the team being called the Lighting. The Pelicans is a bad name, but the New Orleans Lighting would be worse.

Honorable Mentions: L.A Lakers, New York Knickerbockers, Duke Blue Devils, New York Yankees, Cleveland Browns, New Jersey/ Brooklyn Nets

I wrote this to say that, although the jerks on the TV mock Tom Benson (Hornets owner) for his horrible name choice, there are other owners that have chose names just as bad. The Pelicans won’t go down as the best team name, but it sure as hell won’t be the worst.

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