Dance Off: The Best Athlete Dance Celebrations Of The 2012 Olympics

The Olympics were completely great this year. I mean, London seems like they did an awesome job. NBC sucked with the broadcast but, besides that, everything was perfect. We watched people get gold medals for everything from jumping off of trampolines to something called handball to track to basketball to gymnastics and more, but the one thing that we didn’t see anyone medal in was dancing. So, what we’ve done was found GIFs of some of the best Olympic dance celebration to see if we can come up with a medal order.

Who should win the gold in the dance battle? Check out the GIFs below and let us know your pick

Lebron Gets Jiggy after Winning The Gold

Ezekiel Kemboi does some dance that is hella cool. Break it Downnn Ezekiel

Serena Williams Crips Walk To The Gold

Misty May- Treanor Hits you with the funky chicken or some dance like the funky chicken

McKayla Maroney Teaches You How To Dougie

There’s everyone we have so far. Let us know if we’re forgetting anyone.

(GIFs provided by Bleacherreport and Sbnation)

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